Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Arctic weather conditions -9

Brrrrr, a very good morning, not having a good one so far.  Andrew went out to start my car and guess what it won't start.  Went up to get the jump leads and a black bird decided it was to cold outside and proceed to the top of the rafts, shaking its head as if to say "Where's no chance I'm going back outside" and to top it off I have been suffering with a dreaded cold that has got me as blocked up as the M25.  I don't think I have never seen it this cold we recorded a temperate of -9.5 this morning!!! Hooray I have just heard the sound of the engine starting up Thanks to the Men in the family, what would we do without you..
  On to some good news with another Whoop Whoop..  I have been chosen as a design team member for Ellephantastic my term starts in January and I can't wait to start with this fantastic bunch of Gals. I'll be back late with a project that I am just finishing.

Have a good day and drive safely on these icy roads...

Hugs Tamara

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