Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Stylish Blogger Award

Hey its good afternoon for a change, I always seem to post either early in the morning or last thing at night.  I have been award a Stylish Blogger Award from the amazing lady Helen who isn't having a very great time at the moment so if you get chance please go and show her some love.
Click here for Helen's blog.  Thank you Helen for all that you do you're wonderful..

I need to pass this award onto a few people and they are:
Lisa Jane
Louise M
Mary J
These wonderful ladies never fail to comment on my posted and always say such nice things.  So I'm passing it on as a HUGE thank you..
Now I need to say 8 things about myself
  1. I always use to leave the fridge door open and the lights burning when I was a child.  My Dad would always say" Wait until you have the electric to pay and I shall do the same" Luckily he's forgotten all about it and have got away with it so far..
  2. I lived in South Africa as a child, returning to the UK when I was 18 and if I won the lottery would immigrate back there.  
  3. When I was about 8 my hero's were Gene Kelly, Bob Hope, Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby I was convinced that I was going to meet them one day and that I could dance like them.   
  4. My childhood dream jobs would have been an Archaeologist or a Biologist. 
  5. I've won loads of show jumping rosettes when I was younger. 
  6. I love the X files and any Science fiction programs.  
  7. Have always loved Vampire movies ~ Blade, Underworld and at the minute True Blood..      
  8. I would love to learn how to Ski...

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