Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Copic Tower

Good evening all, I couldn't get to sleep so thought I would upload a few more photo's, to show you what my Hubby made me.
We had an old kitchen bookshelf in the garage that was just the right depth for my copic pens to sit in but seeing that it only had two shelves all the colours would get mixed up, so wonderful Hubby came up with this ideal to section the two parts off with some plastic weather board.
As you can see I will need a few more copic's to fill up all the pigeon holes. I have at the side another item that he made using left over decking boards and a bamboo stick which is holding up some of my ribbons on reels. I do like to recycle. Once I have finished the project that I'm working on at the minute and have a good tidy up I shall take some more photo's. Those tiny sticker pads get everywhere.

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