Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Long time no Blog

Morning all, sorry I haven't wrote for a while but things have been a bit hectic so far this week. Monday started out really good. We finally received our money from the insurance company for our Television that was only 14 months old it had screen burn, to cut a very long story short they told us that it was fair wear and tear! So we cancelled our insurance and wrote the the managing director. It greaves me that you have to get to that stage. We had been with that company for 9 years and had never claimed... but all ended well once we received our money to go and buy a new one. Yippee.
We also took my car into be MOT and picked up the TV on the way home. I have a Convertible car and surprise surprise the TV wouldn't fit in the boot, so we deiced to put the roof down and stick it in the back seat. The sky was sunny and the day was warm until we were nearing home and it started to rain. We tried to head out of the rain but it wasn't to be. We deiced to drop hubby off at a bus stop so we could put the roof back up and half way home the sun came out again.... It just wasn't our day..Luckily the TV was OK and didn't get wet amazingly!!
Yesterday I did my housework and was going to start the ironing but I have so much that I closed the door on it until another day. Today I am taking my Daughter and a friend to the Cinema not sure what we will see update you all later.. I'm hoping that I will be able to get some crafting done this evening and all day tomorrow..
Have a crafty day where ever you maybe
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