Monday, 20 April 2009

Just Magnolia card stretch

Good Morning, I'm still trying to get to grips with blogging, I must say its very addictive. I was way up into the wee hours browsing other peoples blogs and wow there's loads of them with a wealth of information specially the ones I looked at, mine doesn't compare but I shall get there. Its the last day on the holidays and as usual I have left all the chores until the last minute running around getting uniforms ironed and ready, doing all the things that I should have done ages ago but have been putting off. So I got up early and had a good tidy around so I could spend the rest of the day crafting. Today I'm going to do my first ever challenge for Just Magnolia (Just click on their blinky to be taken to their blog page.) They have a great blog and bags of inspiration to get the old grey cells in gear. Thinking I might do a Magnolia scene with trees, flowers, butterflies and of course Tilda, but this could change as the day goes on I start with one thing in mind and quite often in ends up as something completely different.
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