Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snowy Pic's

Morning all, no card from me today I just wanted to share a few photo's of the snow we had at the weekend and we are due some more this afternoon. 

In this one is the Christmas tree that we planned then we moved in to the property 6 years ago.  It was only a diddy thing and is now over 6 meters high.  And again my craft cabin in the background

I love the birds tweeting in the background.  Please excuse the state of the garden with the metal fencing, its a temporary measure to keep the dogs out of the allotment. 
The cabin in the background is my little piece of heaven and its where I escape to craft.  Luckily its heated so can stay toasty warm. We are in the process of doing up a storage room with have in the house so as I can craft in the evenings.  

This photo is taken from the side of my garden looking out onto the front.  The house you see in the distance  is the farm on the opposite side of the road. 

This photo I could from my craft cabin patio to show the view I have when I craft. 

and snowy photo's wouldn't be the same without a few pictures of the animals.  This is my Staffie AKA Scrappy Doo! looking her gorgeous self, blowing raspberries.  I couldn't get any picture of our Husky as he wouldn't stay still long enough to take the photo and the Lab didn't even venture out!

It would have been my day off today but have got to go into work :0( Stay warm and sung..

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