Saturday, 27 June 2009

Thank Goodness its Saturday!!!

Its Saturday at long last, this week seems to have gone on for ever. I'm off to Spalding today to stock up on card stock, paper and other crafting goodies. Its my other passion, shopping for crafty products. So that's the plan of action today! Then its back home to catch up on some much needed crafting time with Wimbledon on in the background, pure bliss!!! My lovely lovely hubby is going to wash and clean my car today as a special treat for me, aren't I lucky!! ;.) He jokingly said it was surprise for our anniversary next Saturday. I did tell him I would prefer some new copic colours instead, so will have to wait and see. I might buy him a new mop and bucket as a special bonus present..
Next week is a very sad time for us in the family as Friday the 12th of June my Mother in law passed away after battling cancer for 4 years. On the Tuesday before was my Father in laws birthday and she wanted party food with the full works including fairy cakes but these had to be ones with jelly tots on top. Could we find them, NO we looked everywhere in the end we brought a few packets and placed them on top and she was happy with that. The other day my Hubby and I were in Tesco's and guess what we found? Jelly tot fairy cakes!! I wouldn't have guessed that they made them....
Well I shall sign off now and go and get dressed.. Have a lovely weekend peps, catch up with you all soon..
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